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Maite Perroni is a devout Catholic.

Political Views

She takes voting very seriously and does not support the PRI, but I couldn't figure out where exactly she does stand.

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Maite Perroni was born in Mexico City, Mexico. She grew up there and in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Not surprisingly, Perroni is Catholic, and she appears to be rather devout. In one interview she spoke about how she puts herself in God’s hands. She said (translation),

I am Catholic. I believe very much in religion, and it is important that you have faith. I believe that life sets the guidelines for what you want. There are things that are given to you, but you have to do your best, give it your all.[1]

Despite her devotion to her religion, she was involved in a mini-scandal when the telenovela on which she stars, Cachito de Cielo, decided to begin a romance between her character and a priest. The public outcry against the plot twist caused the producers to rewrite the script.[2]

Shame on the PRI

Perroni takes her civic duty of voting very seriously, and she hopes you do too. In 2009 she encouraged Mexicans to vote, even if they didn’t agree with the major political parties in office. She said it’s better to express your disagreement rather than to check out of politics altogether. She said (again, a translation),

Sadly, there are people who are not very involved and do not vote. . . . We must really commit ourselves to our country and with what happens with our government, because many times we complain about everything, but no one does anything.[3]

As far as where her support lies, the only thing I could find is that she definitely does not support the PRI–whether she’s left or right of the centrist party, I couldn’t say. The singer-turned-actress apparently responded to a request to write a greeting to a terminally ill child, only to have her words manipulated by PRI politician Marisela Serrano in her campaign for mayor of Ixtapaluca. She responded on Twitter (translation):

It makes me sad that people abuse the trust that one gives. A few days ago I was asked to send a greeting to a person who was ill with terminal cancer and now it turns out that my greeting was turned into support for the political campaign of Marisela Serrano of the PRI. I do not support that person or her political party. It’s a shame that this happened.[4]

That’s all I could find on Perroni’s religion and politics since almost everything about her is in Spanish, and my Spanish is rusty at best. If anyone out there who can speak it a little better has any more juicy information, especially some better information on where she stands politically, let us know in the comments!

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