Michael Jordan

The Religion and Political Views of Michael Jordan


Michael Jordan was born in Brooklyn, New York and grew up in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Jordan is famous, incredibly famous. More Americans probably know who he is than know who their state governor is. So, you'd think there would be tons of information on Jordan's religious beliefs–what church he goes to, how he prays, who he sits next to during church services, if he's ever fallen asleep during the sermon, etc. But no. Almost nothing.

Jordan is listed as Christian in various biographies,[1] which isn't at all surprising. But what type of Christian? The best I could find was a semi-reliable question and answer site that designates Jordan as Pentecostal.[2]

"His air-ness"

Jordan is also notoriously quiet about his political views. When he was at the height of his basketball fame, he was asked if he would endorse an African American gubernatorial candidate in his home state of North Carolina over the confirmed racist Republican incumbent Jesse Helms. Jordan simply said:

Republicans buy sneakers too.[3]

Still, it's pretty easy to see that Jordan is a Democrat. He's donated $22,400 to Democratic candidates since 1996. And interestingly, he donated to Obama's Senate campaign, meaning he was an Obama supporter since the beginning.[4]

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