Missy Franklin

The Religion and Political Views of Missy Franklin



Franklin is a recent and devout convert to the Catholic Church.

Political Views

Franklin is non-political, though that might be a result of her relative youth.


Missy Franklin, full name Melissa Jeanette Franklin, was born in Pasadena, California and grew up (is still growing up?) in Aurora, Colorado.

Franklin's religious views are perhaps undeveloped, though there seems to be some trajectory. She has spoken of being raised Protestant,[1] and she has mentioned that her upbringing has not been particularly religious:

Religion was not important in my parents' upbringing. Therefore I never had a church home. We occasionally attended a church service but I felt so uncomfortable and self-conscious as I didn't know what was expected.[2]

But, she began attending a Catholic school in Colorado, the Regis Jesuit High School, where she began feeling a kind of drive to become Catholic. She said:

Going into Regis Jesuit, my faith was not a very big aspect of my life. Taking my first theology classes, going to my first Masses, going on my first retreats, I began to realize how important God is in my life and how much I love him and need him.[3]

Now, it appears she's a full-blown Catholic with the big faith to prove it. Of her swimming regimen and subsequent victories, she credits God's help and guidance, saying:

God is always there for me. I talk with Him before, during and after practice and competitions. I pray to Him for guidance. I thank Him for this talent He has given me and promise to be a positive role model for young athletes in all sports.[4]

Fair enough, faithful Catholic it is.

Not politics, patriotism

As of the writing of this article, Franklin is not yet old enough to vote. It's difficult to say if she would if she could either. Her Twitter feed, for example, is completely devoid of anything remotely political.

She has expressed some strong patriotism, saying things like:

…there is nothing like wearing a cap with my country's flag on it.[5]

And, as she holds dual citizenship in both the U.S. and Canada, there were suggestions from her family to have her swim competitively in Canada, where there would be less competition. However, she declined the easy route, citing her love for America.[6]

That's about all we've got on her political views. When/if things change, help us out, readers, by leaving a little note in the comments.

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