McKayla Maroney

The Religion and Political Views of McKayla Maroney


McKayla Maroney was born in Long Beach, California. She grew up there and in Laguna Niguel, California.

Maroney comes from an Irish Catholic family,[1] but I couldn't find much indication that she's particularly religious.

The description on her Twitter profile says, "Another Day, Another Blessing From God,"[2] which would make her seem particularly devout. And on her Facebook page she wished her fans "a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!"[3]

But that's literally all I could find. I'm guessing that she's fairly religious, but doesn't feel the need to bring it into every conversation or interview. Sounds like a good Irish Catholic to me.

The Politics of the Not Impressed

Maroney, as of the writing of the article, isn't old enough to vote, and it doesn't look like she's formed a great deal of opinions about politics yet. There are Democrats in her family though, for what it's worth. She talked up her cousin James Maroney on her Twitter account,[4] who won a Congressional seat for the Democrats in 2012. ((UPDATE: Maroney Defeats Staneski in Close Race. Milford Patch.))

She also met with President Obama and the two of them made Maroney's "Not Impressed" face together (check out the picture)–the one she famously made on the Olympic podium after winning silver for the vault in 2012. The gymnast said about the meeting,

It was really kind of like mindblowing.[5]

Maybe that's a 16-year-old's version of a presidential endorsement. But we'll probably have a little more to go on as she gets older. Keep us updated in the comments!

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