Nicole Richie

The Religion and Political Views of Nicole Richie



Nicole Richie is most likely a Christian, but how devout remains to be seen.

Political Views

She's a Democrat and probably fairly liberal.


Nicole Richie, whose name at birth was Nicole Escovedo, was born in Berkeley, California and raised in Los Angeles, California.

Richie doesn't spend any time talking about her faith, but she certainly surrounds herself with some pretty religious people. Her adoptive father, musician Lionel Richie, is a devout Christian, and at least at one point was Episcopalian, so it seems likely that his religious beliefs influenced her childhood.

And her husband, musician Joel Madden, is also a devout Christian who is definitely intent on raising their children to be good Christians. At one point, when their son asked him where exactly God was when he was praying to Him, Madden said he had to talk to Richie before he could answer: "Whatever we're gonna teach him, I want her to be a part of that."[1]

So if she's making the decision with him about what to tell their kids about God, I'm guessing she's at least remotely religious, and potentially fairly devout. I couldn't find too many details from their wedding ceremony, but it was performed by a Pentecostal minister–more specifically, Rev. Run, the hip hop artist formerly of Run DMC.[2]

Unfortunately that's all we have to go on with Richie. If you have anything to add, let us know in the comments.

The Simple Politics

Nicole Richie's politics can be summarized with one word: Obama. That's where it starts and ends. And it turns out, she was a fan way back in 2008. During the Democratic primary that year, Richie made her one and only campaign contribution of which there is a record. She donated $2,300 to help get him his party's nomination and eventually to the White House.[3]

She was still a fan in 2012, and tweeted on election night,

We did it America!!!!! #OBAMA[4]

That's not the most exclamation points I've seen on an Obama tweet, but it's decent.

I tried to find anything about other partisan issue that the reality TV star and fashion icon might be interested in and fell a little short. She did promote the creation of organic gardens in schools across Los Angeles,[5] which is sort of a lefty environmentalist thing to do. And her other charity work–helping to provide clean water in the developing world, assisting homeless families, and helping children who have suffered through natural disasters–is even less political.

So she's definitely a Democrat, and probably fairly liberal, but not necessarily a highly political person.

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