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The Religion and Political Views of Olivia Munn



Olivia Munn appears to be mostly non-religious.

Political Views

She is a liberal Democrat most passionate about social issues and Obama.


Lisa Olivia Munn, better known as Olivia Munn, was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She was raised there and on a military base in Tokyo, Japan.

Munn's a tough one on the religion front. There's at least one guy all over some discussion forums that is incredibly confident that she's a Scientologist.[1] What? That's not enough to convince you? Well, in that case, I couldn't really say.

I found several videos whose sole purpose was either to make fun of Christianity or Christians. This video is a skit where she's roommates with Jesus and he hits on her.[2] And in this one she tries to crash a Baptist convention, but she claims they won't let her in because she's white. At the end of the video, she includes the text of some scripture with this preface:

I end with this scripture. Not because I understand it… But because it sounds soulful.[3]

That doesn't make her sound particularly Christian to me. But then again, she sent out her prayers via Twitter after the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut in 2012,[4] and after Osama Bin Laden was killed in a covert military operation in 2011, she tweeted,

GOD BLESS all the soldiers fighting this war.[5]

So I'm going to go with mostly non-religious, but possibly with some spiritual leanings and a belief in God. Know anything else about Munn? Leave us a comment!

Thowing Down for America

Olivia Munn is a passionate Democrat, and for her it goes beyond the political. She said she doesn't necessarily think it's an actor's place to get involved in politics, but she became incredibly involved in Barack Obama's 2012 reelection campaign because she thought human rights issues were at stake, not just politics.[6]

Munn stumped for Obama in battleground states leading up to the election from Wisconsin to Ohio to Virginia. She said people need to realize how important their vote is, and how close the election could be in some of these states.[7]

As you would expect, she is most passionate about social issues. She supports the legalization of gay marriage, is passionate about animal rights,[8] and fears the Republican position on women's reproductive issues. She said,

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan do not believe that women should be allowed to make choices over their own bodies, and they are promising that they actively will turn back the clock on women's rights fifty years.[9]

But most of all, she's a patriot. She says that no matter what, she'll defend her country against any naysayers, so you'd better watch out America-bashers:

I'm a big supporter of America. . . . Don't pick any kind of fight with me about America, 'cause I will throw down anywhere.[10]

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