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Social Justice

Advocates Against Sexism

14 Jul 2022

In an interview with Variety, talking about his decision to publicly defend Florence Pugh after she faced “vulgar” criticism for wearing a sheer Valentino dress

It was easy. She made a really good point. I thought it was worth saying again. Say it louder for the kids in the back […] She said something that people might need it to hear.

Social Justice

Advocates Against Sexism

11 Jul 2022

In an Instagram story, in response to the controversy on Florence Pugh’s highly-publicized Valentino dress

What. Is. So. Terrifying? Take a look at yourself fellas. Then take a look at your mates and step up when it’s time to step up. When the boys are out of line, have a word. The weird thing about misogyny is men actually listen to other men. So do your bit, cos the next few years in particular are gonna be a really good time to listen, and take some responsibility, for everyone’s sake.


Possibly Environmentalist

9 Mar 2022

In a promotional video of ‘Surviving Paradise: A Family Tale’

The main thing I hope audiences take away and learn is how interconnected everything is. How the actions of one animal affects the other animals, how that affects the environment, how the environment then feeds back into those animals, how what we do affects the changing environment. There’s the whole section with the elephants and how they have a generational memory that they pass on, of the routes that they go to find water, of the routes that they take to avoid fires, of techniques that they take to avoid fires, and how they pass that down. And how all of that changes, depending on how we change their environment. And so, 80-year-old knowledge that’s five generations old in elephants that suddenly comes under threat because those pathways to waters don’t exist anymore because of what we’ve done. And it’s how nothing lives in isolation anymore. Everything that we do outside of the delta affects things in the delta. Everything that happens in the delta affects everything else in the delta. So, it’s just that everything’s connected and there’s nowhere to hide from that, really.


Advocates Racial Equality

1 Sep 2021

In an interview with GQ

The reason you think history is white is because you’ve been lied to. It’s not that we’re being politically correct. It’s that we’ve been, very deliberately, politically incorrect.


Advocates Racial Equality

27 May 2021

In an interview with NBC news

As Black people, we’re very used to empathizing with the world through white people’s eyes, because they’re the protagonists. I know what it’s like to look at the world and empathize with Superman because I spent my whole life doing that, What’s revolutionary, in its own way, is getting folks to see the world through my eyes, because then they are in my skin and looking at the world through me.


Advocates Racial Equality

8 Apr 2021

When found out that his appointment was vetoed by Geoff Johns, because Superman “could not have a black grandfather”

Hearing about these conversations hurts no less now than it did back then. The clarifications almost hurt more tbh. Still just doing my thing. Still we do the work. We still fly.

Women's Rights


4 Jan 2021

In an interview with NPR, talking about his role in Bridgerton

And so I was like, well, where are we at with discussing masculinity? How can I contribute to something of a feminist lens to this while examining the male hero in this story? And I thought that part of that is bringing in this conversation that we have contemporarily of masculine vulnerability and where the strength in that lies and where the redemption in that lies and where - what's appealing about that in a romantic hero and what we're looking for in our lovers in the 21st century. [...] I think it's - we're at a point in history where kind of since you had Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters, Mary Shelley start writing these books that we've kind of adapted into the genre of the period drama, we've had, like - what? - four or five waves of feminism since then. And the genre on television appears has stood fairly still. And so we kind of wanted to see what we could do to advance that in the lens of the show. I think we're at a point in history where, generally, people consider themselves to be feminists in the sense that we believe in the equality of the sexes. And so how can we bring that agenda into the editorial stance of the show? And for my part, that's in the male romantic lead. And so...


Advocates Racial Equality

24 Dec 2020

In an interview with INews

People of colour aren’t a modern phenomenon – we’ve existed in the past, we exist in the present, we will exist in the future. I think it’s the simplest thing in the world to include people. If you’re not creative enough to figure out how to do that you shouldn’t be in a creative industry.


Advocates Racial Equality

23 Dec 2020

In an interview with InStyle

What happens in culture often is, you go back in time and only white folks are happy, And you know what? We’ve all known how to smile since the beginning of time. We’ve all gotten married since the beginning of time. We’ve all had romance, glamour, and splendor. Representing that is incredibly important, because period drama for people who aren’t white shouldn’t mean only spotlighting trauma.

Political Affiliations

Supports ACLU

23 Dec 2020

In an interview with InStyle, when asked where he would spend thousands of dollars if required

Probably give it to the ACLU. I just think that it’s a particularly relevant time to think about American civil liberties. […] I mean, I don’t know, maybe it’s just something in the air. I think that it’s a good thing to reinforce.
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