The Religion and Political Views of Slash



Despite rumors, Slash is not Jewish. Some of his lyrics are anti-religious, but he hasn't spoken much about his religious beliefs.

Political Views

He donated to Obama's first presidential campaign, but is mostly involved in animal activism.


Slash was born Saul Hudson in Hampstead, London to a white English father and a black American mother. When he was five-years-old he moved to Los Angeles with his mother, and currently retains dual citizenship.

Despite popular belief, Slash is not Jewish.[1] But aside from debunking that rumor, he hasn't said much about his religious beliefs, which is probably an indication that he doesn't have any.

Angst or Atheism?

Slash might not talk about religion, but he did write about it. He and Axel Rose slammed organized religion in the song "Garden of Eden":

Most organized religions make/A mockery of humanity/Our governments are dangerous/And out of control/The garden of Eden is just another graveyard/Said if they had someone to buy it/Said I'm sure they'd sell my soul.[2]

That song could have been a product of a young man's disillusion with the machine of mainstream culture, or it could have been a genuine rejection of religion–and politics for that matter. Whatever the case, he has never been an outspoken atheist or agnostic.

Slash's politics are undoubtedly liberal: he donated to Obama's presidential election in 2008.[3] But most of his political activism revolves around his love of animals.

Animal Activism

He is currently on the board at the Los Angeles Zoo[4] and came out in staunch support of a controversial new elephant exhibit. After playing a concert at a private event to support the exhibit, Slash said,

I just jumped right in support of Billy [the elephant] and the zoo and the whole development that was happening.[5]

He also helped launch the Bob Irwin Wildlife and Conservation Foundation in Brisbane, Austrilia. Bob Irwin, father of the late Steve Irwin of Crocodile Hunter fame, said about Slash:

The best thing about this guy is he's right into conservation and I love him.[6]

His support of animals is obvious, but when you look at the twinkle in the sunglasses of one of the world's greatest guitar soloist with a 13-foot python wrapped around his neck, you get the feeling that he doesn't care about the politics so much. He just wants to hold the animals.

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