Tom Cruise

The Religion and Political Views of Tom Cruise



Tom Cruise is a staunch Scientologist

Political Views

He is mostly a democrat, but wouldn't mind crossing the line to Republicanism when it suits him.


Tom Cruise and religion is a crazy topic. Cruise is one of Scientology's[1] most outspoken supporters.

Because of this, Cruise is now considered one of Hollywood's weirdest and most ridiculous personalities, whether it's jumping on a couch on the Oprah show[2] or saying things like:

Some people, well, if they don't like Scientology, well, then, fuck you. Really. Fuck you. Period.[3]

Even though most religions have strange stories, Tom Cruise's Scientology seems to be especially weird. They believe that humans descended from some sort of alien, that psychiatry is evil, and they ordain their high-ranking members only at sea in their own personal cruise ship.

Cruise, politics, and organized crime

Many countries including Germany, France, Canada and the UK, among others, don't recognize Scientology as a religion, but actually as a criminal organization and cult, only determined to take money from its members.[4]

Cruise has traveled to these countries to speak on behalf of his religion but with no success. The city of Paris has vowed to never let Cruise into their offices[5] and Germany still considers Scientology as somewhat of a terrorist organization that threatens their constitution.[6]

Politically confused

When he isn't acting as Scientologist's ambassador to the world's governments, Cruise is going both ways in U.S. politics. He's made tens of thousands of dollars in contributions to the Democratic Party[7] but has also appeared in Republican candidate's campaign commercials.[8] However, the Republican candidate he lent his star power to was a supporter of Scientology.

It is possible that he looks beyond the party of a politician for issues relating to him, saying once about his political views:

I'm interested in terms of looking at how it's going to affect my kids. And it's more from a humanitarian aspect, not political. You know, the future of the country, and where we are today.[9]

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