Travis Barker

The Religion and Political Views of Travis Barker



Travis Barker is a Catholic, but doesn't talk about it much.

Political Views

He appears to be entirely non-political.


Travis Barker was born and raised in Fontana, California.

Barker was raised Catholic, or so I read.[1] I couldn't find any interviews of him elaborating about what God means to him or how important prayer was in the recovery after his plane crash. But he does have a bunch of religious tattoos.

In this video where he talks about his tattoos, he doesn't talk about the conspicuous religious ones much for some reason. There's a big Jesus on his bicep, a praying Virgin Mary on top of his head, and crosses littered all over his body.[2] He also tweeted a picture of a tattoo under his chin that reads: "In God's Hands."[3] So, I guess he's a man of few religious words and lots of religious ink.

But then, in a sort of heartbreaking tweet on the day of the Newtown, Connecticut school shooting, he put this out to the world:

Blessed to be home with my humans. Holding my family really close tonight. Praying for all those lost in the Newtown Connecticut shootings and their families. . . . May the person responsible rot in hell.[4]

So even if religion is a private matter that he doesn't like to talk about much, from his tattoos and his Twitter feed, we can confidently say that Barker is a religious man.

Politics, on the other hand. . .

No matter how privately he holds his feelings on religion, politics is even more private. I couldn't find a thing about his political affiliation. He apparently didn't buy into Obama fever, because he hasn't said anything about the president in public, as far as I could tell. He didn't tweet about voting on election day in 2012. And no matter how strongly he felt about Newtown, he didn't start talking about gun control.

I found one video where he says he "fucking hate[s] the police," and then continued on about how he thinks police officers often abuse their power and profile the wrong people. This came on the heels of an incident he had when he was picking up his daughter from school. He says police profiled him because of his tattoos, then accused him of having guns and drugs in the car. He didn't.[5]

But, I don't think that translates into an anarchist philosophy or anything of the sort, so it's a stretch to call his distrust of cops a political opinion. That's all I've got, though, so give me a break. If you can help me out at all with some good information on Barker's political beliefs, I'd be much obliged. Thanks readers!

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