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Victoria Justice was born in Hollywood, Florida and moved to Los Angeles, California when she was 11 years old.

Regarding Justice’s religion, the consensus seems to be that she’s Catholic. Certain websites claim to have gotten the information from Justice’s Myspace page,[1] but her current Myspace page doesn’t contain any such information, or any mention of religion for that matter.[2]

Although, I was convinced by these two tween Hispanic girls who sought to “prove” Justice is Catholic using a poster of her as evidence and pointing out a bracelet she was wearing with the Virgin Mary and the Angel Gabriel plus the fact that some of her family is from Puerto Rico.[3]

Beyond that, these two fans offered anyone who subscribed to their YouTube channel Victoria Justice’s phone number, so you know it’s legit.

Justice in politics? Never!

Justice doesn’t seem to have claimed any political ideology, but she certainly cares about the downtrodden members of society.

She’s volunteered and donated to the United Nations Foundation, particularly their Girl Up campaign, which is designed to assist young girls in developing countries with things like food, clothes, and education.[4]

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