Wendy Williams

The Religion and Political Views of Wendy Williams



Wendy Williams is a Christian, denomination unknown.

Political Views

She is liberal and an advocate for the LGBT community, women, and animals.


Wendy Williams was born and raised in Ocean Township, New Jersey.

Williams is a Christian of some sort, but I wasn't able to pin down a denomination for her. We know she's devout enough to attend church, or more specifically, to have been kicked out of a congregation once. She apparently saw a few people getting a little more intimate than is appropriate in her church parking lot, and after talking about it over the air, was asked not to come back to her place of worship.[1]

It doesn't seem to have affected her relationship with God, however. She sent this tweet out after R&B singer Usher and his ex-wife Tameka lost her son, his stepson, in a jet ski accident:

My prayers go out desperately to Tameka and Usher Raymond. May God shine light on your entire family.[2]

And after actress Valerie Harper was diagnosed with cancer for a second time, Williams again sent out her prayers to Harper and her family.[3]

I don't have anything else on Williams' religion, but it's enough to know that she's at least a  mildly devout Christian. Know anything else? Let us know in the comments.

Making it happen

Williams is clearly liberal about many issues. As a talk show host, she's necessarily more focused on asking about other people's opinions than on talking about her own, and she insists that her show is not about issues or politics.[4] But that doesn't mean that she won't tackle both–and give her five cents.

First of all, she's a huge supporter of the gay community and same-sex marriage. She has a large gay following on her show, and she's especially interested in changing the black community's negative view of homosexuality. She said,

You need very visible, outspoken African American gays and lesbians, that will help convince some to support gay marriage. You need some of these closeted gay ministers, the black ones, to get out and say it. Let's all vote together and make this happen.[5]

Williams is also an advocate for strong women, black women in particular. After Michelle Obama was accused of being an "angry black woman," Williams came to her defense. She said, when black women are opinionated and vocal, they tend to be labelled as angry. And opinionated white women face their own hurdles. She remembered Hillary Clinton being labelled an "angry lesbian."[6]

After the Newtown, Connecticut shooting in 2012, Williams also spoke up about gun control saying she thought it was a ridiculous notion to arm school teachers (a National Rifle Association proposition), and that the shooter's mother never should have had an assault rifle in her house.[7]

And finally, to top off the liberal agenda, Wendy Williams posed nude for a PETA advertisement protesting the use of animal fur in clothing.[8] As her ratings go up, there's no doubt we'll hear more from this liberal, outspoken woman in the future.

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