Yvonne Strahovski

The Religion and Political Views of Yvonne Strahovski


Yvonne Strahovski, whole last name at birth was Strzechowski, was born and raised just outside Sydney, Australia.

We don't have much on Strahovski's religion, except that it appears she went to a Catholic school growing up.[1] It would make sense that her family is Catholic considering her parents emigrated to Australia from Poland before she was born,[2] and there are a whole lot more Catholics in Poland than anything else.[3]

If she and her parents are Catholic, there's no telling how devout, or if they continue to practice the religion. The lack of information about it suggests that they aren't all that serious about it. So, non-religious, and possibly Catholic is the best we have for Strahovski.

Side Boobs for Obama

Strahovski doesn't have much to say about politics either. She doesn't give any indication that she's following the politics of her home country. She did, however, post one thing about the U.S. election on her Twitter feed in 2012. She wrote,

Hannah McKay says 'side boob for Obama!'[4]

Okay. . . so Hannah McKay was the character she played on the T.V. show, Dexter. And apparently that character showed some side boob.[5] And apparently Strahovski supports Obama? That doesn't really make her a Democrat, since she's Australian, but a liberal label is better than nothing.

If you know anything else about Strahovski's religion or politics, please let us know in the comments!

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