Alex Clare

The Religion and Political Views of Alex Clare



Clare is a devout Orthodox Jew.

Political Views

Clare is non-political.


Alex Clare was born and raised in London, England.

Clare has described his childhood and upbringing as the definition of secular.[1] But the former boyfriend of hard-partying Amy Winehouse is now an Orthodox Jew. Apparently, it was a drastic shift for him. He said:

I wasn't always Orthodox. I became more religious four and a half/five years ago. Before that point, I was just as hedonistic as everyone else.[2]

I suppose one would have to be rather hedonistic to keep up with Winehouse, but that's all changed now. Clare's burgeoning music career, as exciting and fulfilling as it must be, takes second stage to his faith. Clare will not perform on Jewish holidays, nor will he play on Friday nights in observance of the Jewish day of rest.[3]

His observance of Jewish ritual has even cost him at least one record deal[4] and a chance to go on tour with Adele.[5] Plus, Clare has hired bodyguards to keep female fans from touching him so he can observe his faith's stance on sexual modesty.[6] But he takes it all in stride, and at the end of the day, he says it really isn't that hard juggling stardom and a demanding faith:

I have to say, it's pretty easy being in this business and keeping the basics of Jewish law. I travel with a full set of milk and meat pots and dishes, in addition to having a full suitcase of tins and dry kosher goods. And Shabbos and holidays aren't an issue because I almost always go back to London or Israel or find a Chabad house to stay at.[7]

That's dedication folks!

Politics of Orthodoxy

Clare is as silent as a church mouse when it comes to politics. I thought for sure he'd have something to say about the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine, the U.N.'s recognition of Palestine as a sovereign nation, or anything else Israel related. But no.

We can reasonably assume he's a staunch pro-Israel supporter considering he travels there frequently[8] and after his first album tanked on the charts, he moved to Israel to be an estate agent.[9] Maybe no one has had the audacity to ask him, but I imagine his response to the Israel question wouldn't be surprising. If you know anything, let us know in the comments.

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