Amy Macdonald

The Religion and Political Views of Amy Macdonald



Amy Macdonald is non-religious.

Political Views

She keeps her political views to herself, but said she hopes politicians can have an honest debate about Scottish independence.


Amy Macdonald was born and raised just outside Glasgow, Scotland.

Macdonald does not appear to be even remotely religious. There's nothing on her Twitter feed besides the occasional tweet like this one when she had a sore throat on tour:

Thank god for honey and lemon!![1]

Do you think it means anything that she didn't capitalize god? Probably not. Her lyrics don't have much to indicate religion either, except a quick, "God rest your soul," in her song "My Only One."[2]

She probably grew up in a generally Christian community, and considering her Scottish roots, she probably has some Presbyterian blood, or maybe even Catholic.[3] But it's fair to say that Macdonald is most likely non-religious herself.

Politics in a Beautiful Light

Macdonald makes a point of not engaging in the political debate. When asked her opinion on the Scottish independence question, she said she didn't care to give it,

I've never been one of those people who force my beliefs on other people so I'll just keep that to myself.[4]

She did, however, express her hope that the issue could be debated and discussed in a productive and civil manner. She said,

It'll be better when we can actually have a proper debate but I'm not sure if that'll ever happen. Politicians don't do that very often, but I would hope that it'll be positive rather than the mess we've got just now. . . . I just want it to get into an actual positive debate about the pros and cons instead of the constant bickering and mudslinging.[5]

That's a lesson politicians could use on just about every issue, don't you think? If Macdonald comes out with any other interesting political statements, please keep us updated in the comments.

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