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The Religion and Political Views of Anna Kendrick



Anna Kendrick used to be Protestant, but some questioning in her youth turned her into a non-religious adult.

Political Views

She's a fan of Obama and supports gay marriage, so she's liberal by default.


Anna Kendrick was born and raised in Portland, Maine.

Kendrick says that she was raised "Protestant, boring, middle-of-the-road, Christian-light," but that of her own accord she became very religious in her youth. It didn't stick for very long, though. She said,

And then when I was 14/15, starting to question that was a really uncomfortable time, cause I was like, "But I'm the girl that's into this, and now who will I be?"[1]

She seems to be a pretty well-rounded young woman, so I'd say she figured it out. But religion doesn't appear to be high on her priority list anymore. Well, I suppose she mentions God on her Twitter feed from time to time, but it's always something like this:

My mom's flight got screwed up so now she'll get in tomorrow. I have to keep my place clean for ANOTHER 24 hours? God help me.[2]

You'll have to debate among yourselves whether you think God was listening to that one. But I'd say it's a safe bet that all that questioning turned Kendrick into a non-religious adult.

Living Every Liberal Comedian's Dream

Kendrick doesn't appear to have a desire to transform interviews into soapboxes, and she doesn't use her popular Twitter page as a political mouthpiece (maybe that's why it's actually popular). But she's a liberal anyway.

While doing research for her role as an FBI agent in the movie, The Company You Keep, she said she watched a documentary about a radical left-wing organization central to the film and tried to come up with conservative counter-arguments. She said,

I found [it] interesting and challenging, because I am personally not a conservative. But it was a fascinating exercise.[3]

Kendrick retweeted an Obama post on election night in 2012,[4] and along with some other young celebrities, she met with the president during his campaign that year so he could encourage the stars to get involved.[5] She tweeted this picture of him doubling over in laughter as they shook hands with this caption:

The coolest three seconds of my life.[6]

I'm curious to know what she said. But anyway, I guess the affection is mutual.

She also showed her support for gay marriage when she helped raise money for the gay rights organization FAIR. Along with other Hollywood stars, she signed a poster promoting marriage equality that was later put up for auction. Her message:

Love is a right. Not a privilege.[7]

Maybe she's only just getting started on a long Hollywood career filled with liberal politics. If that's the case, you all will have to keep us updated in the comments, all right?

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