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The Religion and Political Views of Michelle Pfeiffer



Pfeiffer is probably some sort of Protestant in terms of heritage, but she's either quiet about her current religious views or it's just not a big deal to her.

Political Views

Pfeiffer is a liberal Democrat and former member of the powerful Hollywood Women's Political Committee.


Michelle Pfeiffer was born in Santa Ana, California and grew up in Midway City, California.

There's reason to believe that Pfeiffer would identify as some sort of Protestant Christian. Why? First of all, she's listed all over the Internet as such.[1]

Skeptical? You should be. We all know how reliable random Internet information can be. (Trust me, I realize the irony.) But consider this fact–and it's small, but quite significant. She adopted a baby in late-1993, and though we're unsure of what denomination this ceremony took place, we do know that Pfeiffer had her baby christened.[2] Of course, it could have been Catholic, but considering she's widely considered a Protestant, I'm calling it a safe bet–as ambiguous as that might be.

Some evidence suggests that she was not devout enough, to whatever faith she was raised in, not to be persuaded by slick, charismatic cultists. It's no secret that before Pfeiffer's acting career took off, she kept company with a "metaphysical, vegetarian cult."[3] She explains:

I was pretty young and very alone… the way they operate is they hook people on very intellectual and existential ideas. And people who are always questioning and thinking, that kind of personality can sometimes lead to hopelessness—and that's where they get you.[4]

Pfeiffer credits this unnamed cult for helping her kick addictions to alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, but it was damaging to her life, psyche, and pocketbook. Luckily, she befriended and began dating actor and director Peter Horton who happened to be studying cults and cult "deprogramming" for a film role. He took Pfeiffer along with him during his research, enabling her to distance herself from the situation.[5]

Other than that, we have no idea what Pfeiffer's current religious beliefs are or if she has any in particular. Any help in the comments would be greatly appreciated.

Wealthy Hollywood women's PAC protests money in politics

First of all, roughly two-thirds of Pfeiffer's financial political contributions went to Democrats. The other one-third went to a special interest group called the Hollywood Women's Political Committee,[6] an organization dedicated to liberal causes that boasted members like Barbara Streisand, Glenn Close and Jane Fonda.[7] The committee disbanded in 1997 out of protest of money's pervasive role in politics. Spokesperson Barbara Corday said:

Money had become the driving force, rather than politics. The richest people are getting to office and we didn't want to be part of it.[8]

Interesting. It sounds like a precursor to the recent Occupy Movement and Pfeiffer's involvement would definitely put her on the liberal side of the fence.

It's not too alarming an idea. After all, Pfeiffer did endorse Obama in 2012[9] and she's spoken out in favor of marriage equality.[10] So, liberal Democrat it is!

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