Anna Paquin

The Religion and Political Views of Anna Paquin



Paquin is non-religious.

Political Views

Paquin is socially liberal, though totally quiet about any political views other than gay rights.


Anna Paquin was born in Winnipeg, Canada and grew up in Wellington, New Zealand.

There is absolutely no information on Paquin's religion. Even the celebrity religion site, Adherents, is stumped.[1] Some speculate that she's Jewish,[2] but there's no evidence of that and it might only be because of her role as the protagonist in the film,The Corageous Heart of Irena Sendler, about a woman who saved thousands of Jewish lives during World War II.[3]

By that logic, we could say that Paquin is some sort of occultist because of her roll in the vampire series, True Blood. But she's not:

I'm drawn to doing interesting stuff at work. And some of the time with the supernatural, you get to do really crazy, fun things. But I'm not a big genre-fantasy gal, particularly.[4]

Well, let us know in the comments if you know anything.

Politics of Vampire Descrimination

Paquin is also somewhat vague regarding her political views–though we do have a bit more to go on. As a citizen of New Zealand and Canada, she's correct to assume that her views of U.S. politics are only of value because of her celebrity status:

I'm not very political. I'm also not American and I don't get to vote so my feelings are not really relevant.[5]

But don't believe she's not at least a little bit political. Her main focus seems to be gay rights. In a PSA for the True Colors Fund, Cindi Lauper's gay rights advocacy group, Paquin said:

I'm Anna Paquin. I'm bisexual and I give a damn.[6]

She's also spoken about the parallels of True Blood and the gay rights movement. In the series, vampires wish to join mainstream society, with full rights (marriage included).[7]

Ultimately Paquin seems like a regular girl who cares most about her work and her family and doesn't stress too much about religion and politics.

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