Kristin Kreuk

The Religion and Political Views of Kristin Kreuk



Kreuk is non-religious.

Political Views

Kreuk is not very political, though exhibits some left-leaning tendencies.


Kristin Kreuk was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Kreuk is of multi-ethnic descent. Her mother is Chinese and her father is of Dutch origins.[1] Religiously, such a heritage could go any number of ways. But for Kreuk, it seemingly went nowhere:

I wasn't raised with a specific religion. I wasn't raised to judge people in any way.[2]

Notice the negative "judgement" attached to the notion of religion in Kreuk's quote. It could be an indication that she views religion as something that turns people against each other. Just speculation, mind you, but her Twitter feed contains a few retweeted quotes from a famous Twitter account called @TheTweetOfGod,[3] which satirically pokes fun at the religious with tweets like:

I killed over 2 million people in the Old Testament, back when My job used to be fun.[4]

It all combines to indicate that Kreuk probably doesn't think much of religion, or maybe even sees it as a bit ridiculous.

Twitter politics and traveling

Kreuk doesn't seem all that political. She is an avid traveler[5] and often considers the political aspects of her travels–such as when she went to Syria:

[I traveled to] Syria and Turkey, which I'm so happy we did because of the political situation right now. It's obviously not a good time to be heading to that part of the world. I'm glad we go[t] to experience it before all of that happened.[6]

So, she's at least aware of geopolitics. One tweet indicates possible left-leaning tendencies–at least when it comes to gun control. In response to America's National Rifle Association suggestion that U.S. schools be made safer with armed guards, Kreuk said:

@BBCWorld: VIDEO: NRA: Armed guards in all schools… Fighting guns with more guns? Really?[7]

That's about all I could find. If you readers have anything else, readers, please let us know.

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