Bridgit Mendler

The Religion and Political Views of Bridgit Mendler


Bridgit Mendler was born in Washington, D.C. and grew up there and just outside San Francisco, California.

Mendler doesn't appear to have any religious beliefs, or at least she doesn't talk about them. There's plenty of speculation that she's a Christian[1] but that's all it is–speculation. I couldn't find an interview where she mentioned God or faith, and I never saw a picture of her wearing a cross or walking out of a church.

She celebrates Christmas, which may indicate that she's vaguely Christian–or not. But she said, "Christmas means family to me,"[2] not the birth of the baby Jesus. Okay, even a devout Christian might say the same thing, but that's all I've got so bear with me.

The only thing we know about Mendler's political life is that she votes.[3] She wore a shirt with an elephant on it to the voting booth,[4] which prompted some to claim she was Republican,[5] but I'm not buying it. The elephant was hardly the partisan kind.

San Francisco, her home for most of her life, is an overwhelmingly Democratic area with 85% of the vote going to Obama in the 2008 presidential election.[6] That, along with the fact that she's a young Hollywood celebrity, make me think she's probably leaning liberal. And one little non-Republican looking elephant isn't going to make me think otherwise.

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