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The Religion and Political Views of Brantley Gilbert



Brantley Gilbert is a devout Christian whose relationship with God was rekindled after a near-death car accident.

Political Views

He is not expressly political, but he cares deeply about soldiers and veterans.


Brantley Gilbert was born and raised in Jefferson, Georgia.

Gilbert comes from a religious Christian family, and although I couldn't figure out which denomination, Baptist seems at least likely. The country musician said his mother and Jesus are tight,[1] but his own devotion and reverence for God were strengthened by a near death experience.

After getting into a serious drunk driving accident, he said he knew God saved him in order to pursue his music career–and pursue it he did.[2] In the title track to his hit album, Halfway to Heaven, in which he describes the experience, he sings that after the accident,

I'm in church every sunday mornin/ I pray everyday[3]

Judging by the album cover, that looks to be true. And when asked in one interview who would be the first person he'd like to thank, he said,

I'd have to say God. I don't think any of this would be possible [without God].[4]

I'm sure he made his mama proud.

God Bless the Troops

Gilbert isn't expressly political even though he made it onto Republican Mitt Romney's campaign song list in 2012.[5] It doesn't look like he's made any campaign contributions, and his Twitter feed makes no mention of partisan politics, although he seems to use it as more of a promotional tool than a record of his stream of consciousness.

If there's one issue he seems to be dedicated to though, it's his respect for the troops. On July 4th in 2012, he tweeted a shout-out:

Happy Independence Day BG Nation…. God Bless America and more importantly our Troops….![6]

He has worked with the Boot Campaign which raises awareness and money to help soldiers transition to civilian life after combat.[7] He also took time out of his touring schedule to visit with and play a few tunes for hospitalized veterans. He said about the experience,

These men and women have sacrificed their lives for our freedom. . . . I have so much respect for them. It was an honor to be able to spend time with them and hopefully brighten their day a little. I know it has certainly changed my life.[8]

It might not be a political position per se, but it definitely shows some dedication to his country and pride for his military.

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