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The Religion and Political Views of Paloma Faith



Paloma Faith doesn't think too highly of religion, but hasn't declared herself an atheist.

Political Views

She is a self-described socialist and votes for Labour.


Paloma Faith, whose name at birth was Paloma Faith Blomfield, was born and raised in London, England.

Despite the name, Faith has no faith in any religion. I couldn't find any detailed diatribe against religion, or anything close to that, but she makes little comments here and there that make it clear where she stands. For instance, when talking about how she wants to start a family she said,

I do believe in all that stuff. I just don't believe in marriage or religion really. I just think it feels like a trap.[1]

And then when talking about a movie she had recently seen about a group of radicalized Muslim British men who aspire to be suicide bombers, she said,

It's sad that religion has that kind of hold on people.[2]

Finally, when asked if she thought Joaquin Phoenix had a shot at a decent music career, she said,

I don't mind really. It's like believing in God–I'll wait and see and find out.[3]

Sounds like she's got a big non-religious tag from the Hollowverse. If she starts talking about atheism, let us know in the comments y'all.

Do You Want the Truth, or Something Beautiful?

Paloma Faith is definitely on the left side of the ticket. She put it most succinctly when she said: "I'm a socialist."[4] And she has a particular disdain for the Conservatives and David Cameron:

I vote Labour and can't begin to acknowledge anything good that comes from a Tory. I wouldn't allow David Cameron to one of my gigs. . . although I suppose if he paid for a ticket, I'd let him in. And I'd be civil. David Cameron just looks like an idiot and I can't praise anything his government does.[5]

She said that even David Cameron's support of pro-gay marriage legislation doesn't impress her. She believes marriage should be an innate right for all people and legislation to support it is just superfluous.[6]

She also identifies herself as a feminist. She said,

I would call myself a feminist, but I believe in equality: I love men (contrary to the beliefs of a lot of my ex-boyfriends); I don't want to put them down. Some men think that if you're empowered and sure of yourself then you're a man-hater, but it's like, 'No, I'm just the same as you are, but maybe just a tiny bit more confident.'[7]

Miss Faith has plenty of opinions, even though she says she's not as informed as she should be.[8] But the fact that she is informed enough to have any opinions at all is always refreshing for us writers. Keep on preaching, girl! And we'll keep writing.

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