China Anne McClain

The Religion and Political Views of China Anne McClain



McClain is a devout Christian.

Political Views

McClain is too young to vote, but if she could, she'd probably vote Democrat.


China Anne McClain was born in Atlanta, Georgia and grew up a child actor doing auditions in Los Angeles, California, Chicago, Illinois and various other places. Considering that, at the time of this article's publication, McClain is 15 years-old, we could say she's still growing up in L.A.

McClain is a Christian.[1] Exactly what denomination is up in the air, though there does seem to be some consensus among question and answer websites that she is a Catholic.[2]

Regardless, she has stated that one of her favorite "hobbies" is going to church with her family,[3] so we can assume she's fairly devout.

Then there's the connections to religion in her career. Her breakout performance was as a church choir girl in TheGospel,[4] a film that adapted the biblical story of the prodigal son to a modern context.[5]

Plus, her stardom really took off when she began working with Tyler Perry,[6] whose religious views permeate everything he produces.

So, we can safely say that Christianity is a powerful force in McClain's life. However, at her young age, it would be unwise to try and pin a label on her. Things can and do change rather quickly for child stars.

Politics of youth

McClain has yet to be eligible to vote. And in all of her interviews that I have seen, the topic of politics was not breached. However, she appears to be a fan of Obama. She was rather excited to meet Michelle Obama,[7] she has supportive statements plastered all over her Twitter feed–particularly around the time that the 2012 elections were heating up,[8] and she played one of Obama's daughters on a skit for Jimmy Kimmel's late night show.

This wouldn't be an explicit show of support except that when McClain posted a video of the skit on their YouTube channel, it came with the disclaimer:

We adore the Obama's and definitely support them!![9]

So let's just pretend McClain isn't a youngster and that this isn't a bit of a ridiculous exercise and say she's a Democrat.

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