Coco Austin

The Religion and Political Views of Coco Austin


Nicole Marrow, who goes by Coco Austin, was born in Tarzana, California. She was raised there and in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Coco Austin talks about her clothes, her dogs, her shoes, and her husband quite a bit. But she doesn't talk about religion. This tweet is about as close as she gets:

Omg! Finally got power after a week of living in "no man's land"..I'm so blessed. Ppl that weren't in #hurricanesandy don't understand[1]

So, yeah. I think it's safe to call her non-religious. Don't you?

Boobs, Booty, and the Democratic Process

No matter if you're searching about Austin's religion, her politics, or anything else, most of the search results revolve around pictures of her generously-sized backside or a sex tapes. I'll assume that's because she doesn't have much to say about such topics.

She did seem to make one election reference on her Twitter feed the day before the 2012 election. Tucked in between a post about the Booty Olympics and another about how "Boobs r fun, aren't they??"[2] Coco tweeted,

Vote Vote Vote!!!!! Everyone should represent!!!![3]

So I guess she supports the Democratic process, but we have no idea who she voted for. She didn't mention anything on Twitter, she doesn't seem to have ever talked about Obama in public, and she hasn't spoken about any particular issues as far as I can tell.

For some vague reason I think she might be a Republican. What about you? Any guesses? Think I'm full of it? Let us know in the comments.

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