Conor Maynard

The Religion and Political Views of Conor Maynard


Conor Maynard was born and raised in Brighton, England.

Maynard doesn't seem too keen on expressing his religious beliefs, presumably because he doesn't have any–or at least not strong ones. There's no sign on his Twitter account that he prays for people or feels blessed by his life. It does, however, reveal some excitement about Christmas[1] which could potentially indicate an ambiguous Christianity.

Likewise, a few of his songs use some religious lingo like "God laughs at our plans, oh what a laugh," from "Glass Girl"[2] and "I pray for this heart to be unbroken," from "Incomplete."[3] But nothing in there sounds particularly devout, so I'm reluctant to interpret those as a sign of religious devotion.

And whatever lack of information there may be about Maynard's religious beliefs, we're even more at a loss when it comes to politics. He hasn't given me even a weak scent to follow. So I'm left with making blatant generalizations based in nothing but stereotypes.

Living in the U.K. automatically makes me assume Maynard is slightly liberal by U.S. standards. It appears as though his hometown of Brighton has been fairly evenly split through the years between liberal and conservatives parties, but maybe swings to the left overall.[4] That doesn't help us much, but considering he's the artist-type, maybe he's one of those moving it that way.

But that's as far as I can really go with Maynard. If you can enlighten us, please leave us a comment.

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