Elizabeth Gillies

The Religion and Political Views of Elizabeth Gillies


Elizabeth Gillies was born and raised in Haworth, New Jersey.

There's simply nothing to go on about Gillies' religious views. Her Twitter feed would be the natural place to search, but it's just clever observations of the minutia of life and discussions about movies, TV shows and music she either likes or is involved with.

If anything, we could conjecture that she's got deep Catholic roots back there somewhere as her ethnic heritage is Irish and Italian,[1] perhaps the world's two most Catholic cultures. If anybody out there knows anything, do tell!

Politics as reality TV

Gillies' is equally vague about her political affiliations/opinions. But, she'll at least mention politics in passing. During election day 2012 (her first time being eligible to vote), she mentioned that she voted on her Twitter account,[2] then later tweeted this gem:

Can't wait for the results show. Obama & Romney…clutching hands…standing under a spotlight…waiting for Seacrest to call their name.[3]

It may seem like a cute little joke, but if you think about it, it could be interpreted as a scathing critique of American politics. It's just reality TV meant to entertain the masses, a meaningless popularity contest between disposable, empty-headed celebrities. What's your take?

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