Emilia Clarke

The Religion and Political Views of Emilia Clarke


Emilia Clarke was born in London, England and grew up in Berkshire, England.

Clarke is fairly mum on all things religious. She was apparently educated at Catholic schools for part of her youth,[1] but I couldn't find any other indication that she is or ever was Catholic.

The closest thing to religion I could find on her Twitter feed was the hashtag "#PrayForNewton" (her spelling, not mine) on a tweet the day of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.[2]

But, my guess is that Clarke is mostly or entirely non-religious.

About politics, unfortunately, we don't have too much more. Literally, the only thing I found remotely related to the political sphere was a retweet from Barack Obama on election night in 2012 that said, "Four more years."[3]

So, she's liberal by American standards, but we would have guessed that anyway considering she's an actor from the U.K. No word on the specifics, but I'm guessing she joins most of her colleagues in supporting things like gay marriage, environmentalism, and gun control.

If you can help enlighten us with any more information on either Clarke's religion or her politics, please drop us a line in the comments. It'd be much appreciated.

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