Joss Stone

The Religion and Political Views of Joss Stone



Stone is non-religious.

Political Views

Stone leans left, supporting gay rights, condoning Britain's involvement in the Iraq War and even endorsing Barack Obama despite being British.


Joss Stone, real name Jocelyn Eve Stoker, was born in Dover, Kent, England and raised in Ashill, Devon, England.

Stone is not at all religious–or if she is, she doesn't let on at all. There is much speculation that she is Jewish, and even a few websites seem to be rather confident of that.[1] But I can't seem to find anything very convincing to support that claim.

Her lyrics seem to suggest a sort of spirituality, but it's interspersed with sex and relationships. For example, in her song, "Headturner," she sings:

Emotional, mmm, I got it, sexual, mmm I got it/Spiritual, God knows I've got it, what you want, baby I got it.[2]

She's "got" spiritual… but it seems a bit convoluted. Help us out in the comments if you've got anything solid on her religious views.

Not a "governmentalist"

On her website, Stone regularly answers fan questions. One was: "Are you political at all? Do you have any strong political values?" She replied in a somewhat vague manner:

Well, I can't say I know a whole lot, but I know what I think about certain issues. And, of course, when I have an opinion I am never afraid to express that. The best way is to speak up. You never know, if you remember to listen as well, you might learn something new. To not have an opinion seems like a bit of a cop-out.[3]

Thankfully for us, she has spoken out a time or two.

Stone first came out strong politically with her song "Governmentalist," which was an attack on politicians who seemed, to Stone, to be sending British boys off to war a little too easily.[4] The song is scathing. Though, I think the point is adequately made with these lyrics:

Governmental, confusion/Governmentalist, delusion/Governmental confusion/A bunch of governmentalists, it's delusion.[5]

She's made her voice known in the U.S. despite not being a citizen. She was a major player in Obama's 2008 bid for president. Obama even asked her to produce a song for his campaign.[6] And she endorsed him, saying the U.S. is "very, very, very powerful" and what happen in America affects the whole world[7] –which is why we should all care:

I would like to see Barack being president… I think he's more loving than he is fight. McCain seemed angry, he seems like an angry man.[8]

No word on continued support in 2012. Maybe she lost "hope" in "change."

Evidence that she's liberal can mostly be found in her support of gay rights. Stone has performed at gay rights rallies and GLAAD parades and various other gay-friendly events,[9] saying:

I don't like prejudice in any kind of way, whether it's color or sexual preference. I just think it's disgusting the way that people treat people who are a little bit different.[10]

It can be disturbing indeed. Rock on, Joss.

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