Emily Rose

The Religion and Political Views of Emily Rose


Emily Rose Maier, best known by her first two names, was born in Renton, Washington and grew up in Seattle, Washington.

Rose appears to believe in God, but we have sadly little information to back it up. In January 2013, to announce the impending birth of their first child, Rose and her husband created a mock-movie trailer with images from some ultrasounds. The credits at the end of the short video show their belief that God had a hand in the creation of their little one. The credits show that the film is presented by "God and Unexpected Pictures," the production company is listed as "The Big Man Upstairs," casting is by "God's Sense of Humor," and it is directed by "The Big Man Upstairs."[1] How cute.

And, going along with the theme, she also talks about being blessed quite a bit. One would assume that Rose and her husband are some kind of Christian, considering they're Americans, but we have no way to know.

The Ambiguous Politics of the Disillusioned

Rose doesn't elaborate much on her political beliefs either. She seems to be at least partially engaged, but she's disillusioned by the nature of the political discourse. Just prior to election day in 2012, she tweeted,

I'd be able to tolerate election season more if I felt there we room for respecting opinions instead I feel like a lot of blasting happens.[2]

Then she went on to say she was excited to vote and get it all over with, but encouraged her followers to get involved in their own communities.[3]

I would assume that she's liberal since she's both a Hollywood actress, and hails from a county in Washington in which Obama received almost 70% of the vote in 2012.[4] But I don't have any solid facts to back up my speculations.

If you know anything else about Rose's political or religious beliefs, please let us know in the comments.

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