Hunter Hayes

The Religion and Political Views of Hunter Hayes



Hunter Hayes is a devout Christian.

Political Views

He is non-political.


Hunter Hayes was born and raised in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana.

Hayes is a Christian, although I couldn't figure out which denomination. In fact, I couldn't find any interviews where he expounds about his faith. But we've still got enough to determine he takes it pretty seriously.

First, there's the song on his debut album called "Faith to Fall Back On." He sings,

God, I don't have to see you. I know that you're there/ Cause there were times I thought I wouldn't make it home/ But I kept a little faith to fall back on.[1]

In one interview he said he was "adamant about having a song" like that one on his album,[2] meaning possibly that he wanted something religious on there.

Just in case anyone missed the meaning behind that song, he made clear on his Myspace page his devotion to God. The first line of his Bio section is this:

"For the love of music and the glory of God" – Hunter Hayes[3]

And then there's the cross he seems to wear around quite a bit.[4] It all adds up to an incredibly devout young man. Now if he would just let us know which brand of Christianity he follows, we'd be satisfied.

Politics, Not Wanted

Politics is a different story for this Hayes. He doesn't appear to be particularly involved. There was no mention of the 2012 election on his Twitter feed, despite the fact that it was the first presidential election in which he could vote. And he didn't have anything to say about either candidate in any interviews.

Most likely he's just a young musician,very focused on his career, who doesn't think a whole lot about what's going on in Washington. But he did grow up in a fairly conservative area,[5] so it's likely that he came from a conservative home.

Regardless, barring a political awakening at some point in his career, that might be all we get from Hayes.

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