Ingrid Michaelson

The Religion and Political Views of Ingrid Michaelson


Ingrid Michaelson was born and raised on Staten Island, New York.

There's absolutely nothing out in internet-land about Michaelson's religious views. Her Dutch[1] and Swedish[2] ancestry imply a potentially Christian background, and indeed she appears to celebrate Christmas[3] and sing about it from time to time.[4]

But most likely, this pseudo-underground singer is simply non-religious.

Her politics are fairly ambiguous as well, but I think we can be confident that she's liberal. She didn't have anything to say about Obama on her Twitter feed, but she did retweet a post about gun control after the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting in 2012.[5] She also tweeted a "wonderful news!" after New York state legalized gay marriage.[6]

I would normally guess, because she's not super vocal about her politics, that she's not terribly political. But I don't think that's the case with Michaelson. She seems very passionate about national tragedies from Hurricane Sandy[7] to Sandy Hook,[8] and often that kind of passion for current events and one's fellow humans translates into strong opinions about politics.

So if any of you indie pop fans have more detailed information on Michaelson's political involvement or religion, please let us know in the comments.

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