Kat Dennings

The Religion and Political Views of Kat Dennings



Dennings is a non-practicing Jew.

Political Views

Dennings is probably a Democrat, but seems about as non-political as they come.


Kat Dennings, whose real name is Katherine Litwack, was born and raised just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Dennings is Jewish. Both of her parents are Jewish, in fact Kat has said she doesn't know of any relatives who aren't Jewish and as a result, refers to herself as "a billion percent Jewish."[1]

But Dennings doesn't necessarily get into being a Jew–other than to play one in films like Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. In fact, religion is a non-issue for Dennings. She said:

[Judaism] is an important part of my history, but, as a whole, religion is not a part of my life. It's a background thing, but I'm proud to be Jewish.[2]

It doesn't look like she celebrates any of the Jewish holidays and, while she would attend her Jewish friends' Bar and Bat Mitzvah's, she never had one herself.[3] And the important Jewish holiday known as "Purim" in 2007 found Kat video blogging a post called "Happy Purim" where she and a friend joked around with no actual mention of the holiday.[4]

Politics, a tiny sliver of life

Dennings appears to be mere millimeters away from being totally non-political. Google has not revealed to me any statements from her about gay marriage, environmentalism, partisanship, financial political contributions or anything else very useful.

However, her blog has revealed a very small but significant political indication. Wedged between incoherent ramblings about her glasses or scary confrontations with spiders, Kat has a blog post entitled "President Obama," dated one day after his 2009 inauguration, and containing one simple sentence:

It's a beautiful day in America.[5]

So, at least in 2009, she was an Obama supporter. But literally, that's it.

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