Lamar Odom

The Religion and Political Views of Lamar Odom



Lamar Odom is a devout Christian.

Political Views

He appears to be non-political.


Lamar Odom was born and raised in Queens, New York City.

Raised by his religious grandmother, Odom went to Catholic schools and played for Catholic basketball organizations while he was growing up.[1] But since then, his religious journey hasn't strictly focused on the Catholic church.

Odom has a mission of studying the religions of the world in the name of unity and understanding. He said,

In America, we're divided, even within Christianity. Presbyterians, Catholics, Baptists — there's no unity. Too often, religion means infighting and holy wars and territory.[2]

As far as Odom is concerned, who seems to consider himself a non-denominational Christian these days, religion should inspire hope. He created a Christian-themed clothing line meant to appeal to black inner-city kids who he says are in need of more positive role models. And apparently he thought this image of a black Jesus with bushy white hair and fire coming out of His eyes was the way to go.[3]

And if possible, his marriage with Khloé Kardashian seems to have reinforced his Christian faith. The couple prays nightly together, even when they're apart. About their evening devotion, Odom said,

Every night. . . usually for all the little ones in our family, our family who's no longer here, our enemies. . . you have to, out loud.[4]

And about how meeting the Kardashian sister must have been part of God's plan–and also possibly orchestrated by their deceased parents–Odom tweeted:

MY WIFE is HEAVEN sent @KhloeKardashian is a special women no doubt her pops told my moms inHEAVEN like i got some 1 for your son 2 meet.[5]

It would be hard to find another professional athlete as dedicated to his faith as Lamar Odom. Well, except maybe Tim Tebow, Kaká, Jeremy Lin. . . okay there's a few.

Obama's just a trash-talking Bulls fan

Odom is far less concerned with politics than he is with religion. He doesn't appear to have donated money to any political campaigns, and he doesn't have anything to say about any major political issues.

After a meeting with Barack Obama when he was playing with the Los Angeles Lakers, Odom says the president, an avid basketball fan, talked some trash to him for his team's loss to the Chicago Bulls. He also called Obama a "lefty."[6]

Does that make him sound like a Republican to you? Eh, probably not. Most likely Odom is simply non-political.

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