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The Religion and Political Views of Lisa Ann



Lisa Ann is silent about her own religious beliefs, but thinks people should not be judged based on their religion.

Political Views

Despite playing Sarah Palin in several successful movies, she is very liberal and supports Obama.


Lisa Ann was born in Easton, Pennsylvania.

She hasn't said much of anything about her religious upbringing or her current religious views. We can be pretty sure she's not particularly conservative in her beliefs, considering she has sex on screen for money, but I suppose you never know.

Although plenty of porn stars who have left the industry have since turned to religion,[1] there is very little talk of religion among adult actors and actresses during their careers. And really, who can blame them? Who would want to think about whether or not they're making it into heaven when they're performing… well, I'll leave the rest of that sentence up to your imagination.

One thing we do know about Lisa Ann is that she's not going to judge anyone else based on their religion.

With politics, it's kinda like religion. You shouldn't judge people on it.[2]

Who's Nailin' Palin?

Lisa Ann skyrocketed to porno fame when she played a mock-Sarah Palin in a series of movies parodying current political figures. You might not expect porn to be too politically savvy, even if it's based on political figures, but it is surprisingly witty–at least in between the sex scenes. (You can watch clips of the movie without the sex scenes here.)

Considering the right-wing Christian component of the Republican party, you can imagine the finger-wagging that ensued after the movie's release. But that didn't stop Lisa Ann from being invited down to Tampa by a local club during the 2012 Republican National Convention to strip, in character, fulfilling all the fantasies of the Grand Old Party that have been left unfulfilled since Palin stepped onto the national scene in 2008.[3]

The Politically Informed Porn Star

Even though Lisa Ann's Palin persona has garnered her plenty of attention, she doesn't have much in common politically with the former vice-presidential hopeful. She actively supports Planned Parenthood and gay marriage,[4] and is pro-Obama,[5] making her a bona fide liberal. She also believes in the social safety net that Republicans would love to put on the chopping block, even if it raises her taxes.[6]

And she's not passive about her political beliefs. She actively follows politics and encourages others to be informed:

Politics are part of our every day lives, whether people know it or not. Do you know how many guys at the airport have told me they voted for Palin because they thought she was hot? I tell them don't vote.[7]

She also recognizes that women in politics have a hard time being respected for their intelligence and not their looks. And for that reason, she admires Hillary Clinton.[8]

She won't go so far as to say she's a Democrat, though. She sees more nuance in politics than the major parties can provide.

And it's hard to say you're 100% anything, whether it's Republican or Democrat, you know. It's hard to pick one because there are so many things you believe in from both parties. Then you have to weigh it out and go, "Okay, where do I feel the strongest?"[9]

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