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Nick Vujicic is an Evangelical preacher and motivational speaker who is convinced that the Rapture is near.

Political Views

He is mostly non-political, but lends his story to the campaign against bullying.


Nick Vujicic was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia.

Vujicic is not your ordinary Christian–he has made it his life's work to bring as many people to the word of God as he possibly can. Born without arms or legs, Vujicic had a tough childhood, and couldn't understand why God had made him like he was. He said,

I felt cold and bitter. I hated God for doing this to me and was terrified of what would happen when my parents weren't there to look after me.[1]

But in his early teens he realized that God had put him on Earth to do His work and eventually became an Evangelical preacher and motivational speaker.[2] Now he says about his relationship with the Lord:

The greatest news that I could ever say is that Jesus is Lord and Savior of my life. He is my friend. He is with me wherever I go. I'm so delighted to continue to grow in my relationship to Jesus.[3]

Vujicic's relationship with God, like his fellow Evangelists, is very personal, and he encourages his audiences to think of Him as a friend. In a video on his website he says,

Do you know that you were on His mind before the earth began and He formed you in your mother's womb. That was such an amazing piece that I had at 15-years-old, to know that I finally have someone who's going to be with me through it all. . . . How cool is that? That he loves me so much that he sent his son Jesus Christ die on the cross for my sins.[4]

He feels that he and his fellow Christians are making so much progress in bring the Gospel to the world that "you really start to get convinced that we are living in the end of days,"[5] or in other words, that the Rapture is near–when Jesus returns to Earth and rewards the believers for their good work. I suppose if that day comes soon, Vujicic will be ready.

If I can do it, you can do it.

Vujicic doesn't get into politics. He wrote this on his Twitter feed:

I'm against war and abuse of humankind. I'm not for politics, I'm all for love, peace and healing the broken.[6]

He seems to have his sights set on a completely different realm of human understanding than politics can provide. But he lends his voice to one issue that's making the news these days: bullying. It's no surprise that Vujicic was bullied as a kid, and he supports government programs that encourage schools and parents to get more involved in the issue. As he put it,

We all can be more compassionate. If no one stood up for you, then stand up for someone else. . . . My message is simple: If a man with no arms or legs can overcome challenges like bullying, anyone can.[7]

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