Nina Dobrev

The Religion and Political Views of Nina Dobrev


Nina Dobrev was born in Sofia, Bulgaria and grew up in Ontario, Canada.

Dobrev hasn't spoken about her religion other than tweeting about celebrating her "Name Day." This is a Bulgarian, Eastern Orthodox (Russian or Greek Orthodox) holiday where people of a certain name are celebrated if they share their name with an Orthodox saint. Dobrev said:

In Bulgaria we have a tradition/celebration called a 'Name Day.' Each person has one – today is mine! Happy Name day to everyone else like me![1]

Plus, at least one source lists Dobrev among Russian Orthodox celebrities.[2]


Dobrev was happy about president Obama's endorsement of same-sex marriage, saying it shouldn't be controversial because we're "living in the 21st Century."[3] She's a liberal, but because she's still Canadian, I couldn't go so far to say that she's a Democrat.

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