Ozzy Osbourne

The Religion and Political Views of Ozzy Osbourne



Anglican Christian.

Political Views

Well, politics isn't Ozzy's thing but his lifestyle has certainly been one of liberal excess.


Ozzy was born and grew up in Aston, Birmingham, England in a working-class family. His first favorite band: The Beatles.

That's just the first of a few surprises because I know you're all waiting to hear about Ozzy's Satanic rituals. He is known as the Prince of Darkness after all. It's a title he proudly wears and uses to his advantage. To his wife who had lovingly drawn him a bubble bath, Ozzy said:

Bubbles! Oh come on Sharon! I'm fucking Ozzy Osbourne, I'm the Prince of fucking Darkness. Evil! Evil! What's fucking evil about a shitload of bubbles?[1]

The truth is, Ozzy is a Christian, specifically a member of the Church of England, a uniquely British form of Protestantism. Ozzy even says a prayer before every show.[2]

With songs like Mr. Crowley (about the famous English occultist) and the fact that he bit the head off of a bat during a concert, it isn't a surprise that many consider him a Satanist. Ozzy has even been sued multiple times by parents who blame Ozzy's demonic lyrics on their children's suicides.[3]

But this isn't the real Ozzy. In his own words:

If you think I sleep upside-down in the rafters and fly around at night and bite people's throats out, then that's your thing…I'm not going to suddenly become a Jesus freak or anything. But I do have my beliefs and my beliefs are certainly not satanic.[4]

Not the Prince of politics

Politically, Ozzy is largely uninvolved, though every major British political party has asked for him and his family's endorsement.[5]

No party has ever had Ozzy's endorsement and Ozzy has said:

I have no time for politics. [Politicians] don't understand me and I don't understand them.[6]

Ozzy and his wife Sharon were both very critical of the U.S. and British involvement in Iraq and the heads of state who lead the invasion (George Bush and Tony Blair respectively)[7] and Ozzy did cause a stir when, during shows, he would sing his song "War Pigs" with a picture of George W. Bush juxtaposed with a picture of Hitler.

So does this put him on the Democrat/liberal side of the fence? It's hard to say, even Republicans protested that war. We're going to call him a liberal because of his "liberal" use of drugs in his past and the fact that he doesn't mind his kids swearing up a storm, something no conservative would ever allow.

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