Paula Patton

The Religion and Political Views of Paula Patton



Paula Patton is a non-denominational Christian.

Political Views

She is generally silent about her political beliefs, but is definitely a fan of Obama.


Paula Patton was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.

Patton is a Christian of the non-denominational variety. As she put it:

I enjoy all religions. I'm a Christian who has always enjoyed Christmas and who believes in Jesus, but I don't belong to any particular denomination.[1]

She appears to be most interested in the positive and inclusive aspects of her religion. In an interview about her film, Jumping the Broom, which was produced by influential Christian pastor T. D. Jakes, she said she enjoyed the way the movie treated religion, because today "religion has become a little too didactic and judgmental."[2]

And if her Twitter account is any indicator, it appears that religion is an important motivator and inspiration in her life. In one of several mentions about the goodness of God, she wrote,

Got hit with some tough stuff today but God is good…all the time…everyday!Xo[3]

The (Mostly) Silent Liberal

Patton appears to have no interest in revealing to the world much about her political beliefs. Maybe politics is too "didactic and judgmental" for her. Regardless, we can still be sure she leans to the left.

She didn't join Prop 8 protests in favor of gay marriage or sign on for any Hollywood gun control PSAs as far as I can tell. She did encourage her followers to vote on her Twitter feed,[4] but she never weighed in on whom they should vote for.

Still, she gave a happy birthday shout-out to Obama on Twitter,[5] and more importantly, she donated $2000 to his 2008 presidential campaign.[6] I'm sure it didn't break the bank, but it's not paltry.

And there you have it. I'd love to hear her views on how Obama's been doing since his first election, or why she voted for him in the first place, but she apparently she's not interested in sharing. If you stumble across something, please let us know in the comments!

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