Pep Guardiola

The Religion and Political Views of Pep Guardiola



Pep Guardiola is non-religious.

Political Views

He is a strong and vocal supporter of Catalan independence.


Josep "Pep" Guardiola i Sala was born and raised in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.

I expected Guardiola to be at least mildly Catholic, as I expect of most Spaniards. But I couldn't find a shred of evidence that he even thinks about religion all that much. It seems most likely that he joins the quarter of the population of Spain that considers itself non-religious.[1] Maybe that's why he has decided to stay in the much more secular New York City for the time being.[2]

If any of you readers know anything about Guardiola's religion that I missed, drop us a line in the comments. We appreciate the help.

One more vote for independence

As far as politics are concerned, Guardiola has a little more to say. He is a strong and vocal advocate for Catalan independence. He grew up in Catalonia, and spent much of his football career, as both a player and coach, with Barcelona's team, and he feels great pride for his home. He said,

I feel a strong bond to my country, Catalonia. I feel a strong bond to what I feel inside my head and my heart. A country that for 800 years has had its own language. . . so one feels this as part of him.[3]

When asked in one interview why he speaks to journalists in Catalan, he responded,

We are a country with our own language and when we leave its borders, those of us that speak it, use it.[4]

Although Guardiola was living in New York in 2012, he sent a video message of his support for his country's independence from Spain during a demonstration on the National Day of Catalonia. His message to his fellow Catalans was,

Here's one more vote for independence.[5]

If Catalonia ever does manage to secede, and gets a place in the World Cup with its national team, there's no doubt that Guardiola will be right there with them, barking directions from the sideline in Catalan.[6]

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