The Religion and Political Views of Xavi



Xavi might be Catholic, but doesn't appear to be very religious.

Political Views

He's not a political guy, but he hopes football can keep people's minds off the debt crisis.


Xavi, whose full name is Xavier Hernández i Creus, was born and raised in Terrassa, Catalonia, Spain.

Xavi doesn't talk about his own religious practices, implying that he's not all that religious. People seem to suspect that he's Catholic,[1] and that would definitely make sense considering the vast majority of Spaniards are Catholic.[2]

But even if he's not very religious, he still believes in God. He said in an interview that playing football was "a talent that God gave me."[3]

But seemingly more important for Xavi isn't his own religion, but tolerance and respect for his fellow footballers' religions. He said that his Muslim teammates are "highly respected" by the team.[4] And even though he had a hard time imagining what it is like for the players to train while fasting during Ramadan, he said,

But it is a religious duty for Muslims and we should respect it. We also have religious rituals that we abide by.[5]

Now, if only he would tell us what his religious rituals are. . .

Football and the Debt Crisis

If Xavi doesn't talk about religion, then he really doesn't talk about politics. While his country is engulfed in crippling unemployment and a severe debt crisis, Xavi hopes football can help cheer people up and keep their minds off their troubles:

We're in the midst of a serious crisis and, in one sense, football is a good thing for it. If the national team is playing well then that can also have an effect on people's character. Let's see if we can provide some joy for the people.[6]

Xavi seems more like one to bring people together rather than focus on partisan politics anyway.

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