Romeo Santos

The Religion and Political Views of Romeo Santos



Romeo Santos is most likely Catholic, and probably fairly religious.

Political Views

He was involved in getting out the Latino vote in 2012, but has remained completely non-partisan himself.


Anthony, better known as Romeo, Santos was born and raised in New York City.

I couldn't find much on Santos' religion, which is probably a product of me not speaking Spanish, rather than him not saying anything about it. Just about every biography of the singer mentions that he sang in his church choir as a youngster,[1] and considering his Dominican and Puerto Rican heritage, chances are it was a Catholic church.

He puts some religious imagery in his song lyrics, especially his song "Mi Santa" or "My Saint." According to the best translation I could find, he sings,

You are holy blood, my divine bread. . ./ I light a candle in my closet and say a prayer/Because you are my saint/ And I only believe in God.[2]

Sounds like a Catholic to me. If you have any more information for us about Santos' religion, please let us know in the comments.

If Romeo's Doing It. . .

Romeo Santos is politically active, but in a completely non-partisan way. Even when asked specifically if he was trying to bring young voters into the immigration debate, he skirted the question.[3] But he is actively trying to bring young voters to the polls.

Santos approached the organization Voto Latino in 2012, and asked them to be part of his 2012 concert tour. Volunteers with the non-partisan organization registered fans to vote before his shows.[4] He said,

As an artist, a lot of people look at me like a role model. . . . I looked at it from a perspective: if Romeo's doing it, we're his fans, we're going to do it as well. I thought it was a good way to get my young fans–Latinos, the majority–to vote.[5]

One could guess that he joined the 71% of Latinos that helped bring Obama his reelection victory in 2012, but he's not going to give us any confirmation of that. Either way, he's definitely interested in doing his part to turn Latinos into the powerhouse voting block that they were in that election.[6]

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