The Religion and Political Views of Skrillex


Skrillex, whose real name is Sonny John Moore, was born in Los Angeles, California and grew up there and in San Francisco, Calfornia.

Skrillex appears to be completely non-religious. Others disagree, however–most notably a hilarious satirist with questionable math skills who claims that Skrillex has a pact with Satan:

Skrillex Uses Satanic and Homosexual Influence to Win Grammys..As long as Skrillex wins Grammys and is accepted by mainstream media, he will claim souls for Satan…[1]

The author goes on to say that over 100% of gay people listen to Skrillex, so it's difficult to take him seriously as a credible source.

It would appear that in reality, Skrillex's only religion is his music.


Skrillex is publicly not associated with any political party, nor has he come out on any hot-button political or social issues.

All we've really got to go on is the fact that Skrillex's girlfriend, Ellie Goulding, once performed for Obama.[2]

Based purely on appearances and attitudes (now I might start sounding like our previously mentioned Satan-identifier here), Skrillex seems like he'd be a pretty liberal guy. Keep us updated of any developments in the comments.

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