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The Religion and Political Views of Steve Aoki



Steve Aoki does not appear to be a religious man.

Political Views

He's a huge Obama supporter, saying he believes in whatever the president believes in.


Steve Aoki was born in Miami, Florida and grew up in Newport Beach, California.

Aoki doesn't appear to be a religious man. He did send out his "deepest condolences and heart felt prayers to the families" of three women who died in a crowd rush after one of his performances.[1] But invoking prayer after a tragedy is usually less a profession of religiosity, and more an attempt to be comforting when there's little comfort to offer.

He's definitely not past making fun of Christians. He retweeted a picture from a fan of a couple of guys wearing shirts that say "Jesus Is the Way" with Aoki-ized hair and beards.[2]

But that's all that appears to be out there about Aoki's religious beliefs, or more probably his lack of religion.

Whatever he wants, I'm down

Aoki is a Democrat and an Obama supporter. He appeared in a campaign video called DJs for Obama in 2012,[3] he tweeted his support on election day that year,[4] and he said this about the president before his election in 2008,

I just want to see the guy win. I just want to see him take over. Whatever he wants, I'm down for it. Whenever he speaks, I get inspired. . . . I like the way he talks. I like the way he looks. . . . All his stances I believe in.[5]

In October of 2012, he wrote an appeal on his website, asking voters to support Obama because of his position on stem cell research. After pointing out the benefits stem cell research could have in combating disease and disability, he wrote,

We don't just need the research open, we need more funding to learn more about what our most valuable stem cells in our body. Don't let Mitt Romney take that away from us.[6]

He hasn't let his views be known on other hot political topics like gay marriage, immigration reform, or gun control but I suppose we can assume they're in line with Obama's. He seems to be pretty smitten with the guy.

If Aoki starts praising the Lord on his Twitter feed, participating in some gay marriage rallies, or any other activities of interest to us here at the Hollowverse, let us know in the comments!

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