Sunny Leone

The Religion and Political Views of Sunny Leone



Leone was raised a Sikh and still seems to adhere to a qualified version of that faith.

Political Views

Leone appears to be a Democrat, though she isn't afraid of criticizing Obama.


Sunny Leone, whose real name is Karenjit Kaur Vohra, was born in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada and grew up there, in Fort Gratiot, Michigan and in Lake Forest, California.

Leone's parents immigrated from India and she was raised in a Sikh household.[1] Of the religion of her heritage, she said:

You walk into a temple and you're greeted with the utmost respect. You're completely equal to your peers. Everyone helps everybody. You do community work; you help your neighbor. But, just like any religion it doesn't want you to shoot adult material. I mean, I grew up going to temple every Sunday.[2]

But in an effort to integrate her into western society, Leone's parents sent her to Catholic school in Canada.[3] She does, however, try to stick to her Sikh roots to some degree[4] and maintains a sense of spirituality, but Leone doesn't think it necessarily conflicts with her career choice and won't let it get in the way of her work. She said:

Girls will leave the industry claiming that they found God. Well, the fact is, God has always been with them the entire time.[5]

Porn and politics

Leone, a dual Canadian-American citizen,[6] appears to be politically aware. She has said she has a crush on Obama.[7] Maybe that's the equivalent of a porn star endorsement. But she did declare that she would vote for him in 2008 during "Declare Yourself's" get-out-the-vote campaign.[8]

She further clarified her position during a condemnation of George W. Bush:

George W. Bush hasn't been very good for the adult industry. Plus, when we're paying $5 a gallon for gas, it means that it's time for a real change.[9]

But the honeymoon appeared to be over when, three years into the Obama administration, Leone tweeted:

Pres Obama's tax plan sucks balls.[10]

No word on if she went with Romney in 2012, but it seems doubtful.

One last interesting political note. First off, the reputable news source, Reuters, reported that late terrorist Osama bin Laden was a porn fan and stacks of sexually explicit videos were found during raids of his former hideouts.[11] Rumor has it, when he was shot dead by U.S. special forces in northern Pakistan in 2011, a Sunny Leone video was either playing or on the premises.[12]

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