Zakk Wylde

The Religion and Political Views of Zakk Wylde



Wylde is a devout Catholic.

Political Views

Wylde defended Bush and the Iraq War and complained that people were speaking out against it. Though he hasn't taken any official political stance, we're going with Republican until further notice.


Zakk Wylde was born in Bayonne, New Jersey and grew up in Jackson, New Jersey.

Wylde is of Irish descent[1] so naturally, he's a Catholic.

It's a bit difficult to imagine a heavy metal rocker of Wylde's caliber being religious–unless it's Satanism or something–but the truth is, Wylde is quite devout. He even takes time to give some of his true-blue Satanist comrades a hard time, particularly Kerry King of Slayer.[2]

It seems that Wylde attends church regularly, even when on tour. Once, a journalist caught him on some random day and asked him about his religious views. Wylde responded:

I just went to Mass yesterday. If we're on the road and I see a church, I'll just go in there and say some prayers.[3]

And Wylde seems to think his career in the spotlight is some kind of mandate from God. He said:

I'm a soldier of Christ, man. Without a doubt. The bottom line is that He's with me all the time.[4]

I would have rather he said he was shredding for Jesus, or melting faces for Christ, but that'll do.

Metal and War

Wylde hasn't explicitly come out with any political preference–at least in terms of parties or candidates. But he is widely considered to be a Republican, or at least in sync with Republican ideals.[5]

The only reason I can find that might suggest that this is true is his views on the Iraq War and President George W. Bush. Once, at a concert, Wylde said to the crowd:

[The enemy is] down with the Devil, well that's great because we are down with God, and we will kick your ass![6]

And in the early 2000's, when some artists were catching criticism for speaking out against the war and Bush, Wylde tossed in his two cents:

I mean, you don't talk out against our government. I can't stand these fuckers that complain about our government. I mean, if you don't like it so much, move the fuck out… You don't speak out against our president during a time of war. You just don't do that.[7]

That's cool, we'll just scrap the First Amendment. Who needs it anyway?

So, put it all together, you've got a pro-Iraq War Catholic, connecting the enemy to the Devil and U.S. forces to God. Plus, he doesn't like that people would protest war or government policy. Sounds pretty religious right-wing to me. What do y'all think?

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