Zayn Malik

The Religion and Political Views of Zayn Malik



Malik is a Muslim, but has Buddhist and godless hippie tattoos on his arms.

Political Views

It seems difficult to believe that Malik cares much about politics, though a victim of racism growing up. Certain clues point to a possible affiliation with the British Labour Party.


Zayn Malik was raised in East Bowling, England. His mother is a native Englishwoman and his father a Pakistani immigrant.

As a result, his background is a mix of Anglican Christian and Muslim.

Malik's mixed heritage has been a problem for him in his past. He apparently had to switch schools a number of times before he felt comfortable. He has said:

I almost felt like I didn't fit in at my first two schools because I was the only mixed heritage kid in my class. When my sister and I moved to a different school it was a lot more mixed so I felt like I fitted in better.[1]

Malik is understandably confused about his religious beliefs and certainly doesn't seem like a devout Muslim, despite putting on his Twitter feed, in Arabic:

There is no God but Allah, Muhammad is the Prophet of Allah.[2]

He has a tattoo of his brother's name in Arabic–OK, we're still in Muslim territory–a Yin Yang tattoo (Buddhist), and a peace sign tattoo, which is basically the symbol of godless American liberal hippies.[3]

Political conjectures

Malik is young, famous, a handsome chap, well-beloved by the ladies. He's probably having the time of his life touring the world with his famous hair-do and songs about lost love.

Essentially, he's got no time for politics. He's certainly never said anything about politics. So it's up to us here at The Hollowverse to make our best guess. We've got a little evidence for your consideration.

Exhibit A: A Pakistani Brit with the same name as Zayn, Shahid Malik, is a high-profile member of the British Labour party.[4]

There is no apparent evidence that they are related, however.

Exhibit B: A recent poll in Britain revealed that 40 percent of British Pakistani's vote for the Labour Party, 5 percent for the Conservative Party, and 21 percent for the Liberal Democrats.[5]

While extremely tenuous, we are going to tentatively put Malik in the British Labour Party, the U.K. political organization most associated with ethnic minorities, blue-collar workers, and the lower classes. Any additional information you could share with us in the comments would be appreciated!

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