The Religion and Political Views of Kane



Kane doesn't appear to be religious.

Political Views

He is a full-throttle Libertarian.


Kane, whose real name is Glenn Thomas Jacobs, was born in Torrejón de Ardoz, Spain to an American Air Force family.

There is quite a bit of speculation as to Kane's religion, but nothing from his mouth. Some fans think he's Jewish, but with no concrete evidence.[1] (One site's evidence was that "[h]is real last name is Jacobs and he makes bold, often questionable fashion statements." Not good enough for me.)[2]

There is also speculation that his name is partly a play on Cain who, according to the Old Testament, was the world's first killer.[3] But again, no confirmation from the man himself.

The Libertarian Spokesman

As far as his politics go, he's happy to share. Jacobs is a Libertarian and Ron Paul supporter, and although he showed up for at least one tea party rally, he doesn't consider himself a member of that movement. They're too Republican for him.[4]

And Jacobs isn't just a fair-weather friend of Libertarianism. He gives lectures and interviews about Keynesian versus Austrian economics,[5] posts endorsement videos of Libertarian candidates,[6] and frequently updates his political blog, Adventures of Citizen X: Being Free in the Land of the Free.[7]

Jacobs, who has a Bachelor's degree in English, is an extremely articulate spokesman for his cause. He mostly denies rumors that he will ever run for office, because as he puts it, "I actually deplore politics."[8] He is very active in politics exactly because he wants it out of his life.

Government it's in my wallet, it's in everything I do. You have to ask permission to do this, you have to ask permission to do that. I'm of the philosophy that so long as your actions don't hurt anyone else, you should be free to be in control of your lives.[9]

His favorite topic of conversation seems to be economics, particularly his affinity for the Austrian School, which strongly emphasizes the role of the individual.[10] He also wants to go back to the gold standard[11] and get rid of the Federal Reserve.[12]

Jacobs' views might have been considered radical in the United States a few years ago, but this is Kane's moment. It's tough to tell exactly how far to the right mainstream political thought can go, but it's not going to go any farther than Glenn Jacobs.

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