The Miz

The Religion and Political Views of The Miz



The Miz does not appear to be religious, at least in public.

Political Views

Considering he wants to pay less taxes, he's most likely a Republican.


The Miz, also known as Mike Mizanin, was born and raised in Parma, Ohio.

He doesn't talk about religion at all–the Miz doesn't get that heavy in interviews. One would assume that he would be more vocal about it if it was dear to him, but that's really all we have to go on.

His hometown of Parma is only slightly more religious than the United States as a whole, at almost 58%. Of that group, 60% are Catholic and 16% are Protestant.[1] So if he was exposed to religion in any way in his youth, we can assume it was in a vaguely Christian way.

The Miz for President

The Miz doesn't have any plans to run for political office, but he's confident he would be an "awesome" president.[2] Apparently better than Obama, at least. He thinks the president is getting pushed around by Congress.

When you have something you want passed, go for it. You are the president, and that is why we chose you.[3]

He also thinks the President should lower taxes, particularly his, and this appears to put the Miz in the Republican, or at least conservative camp.[4]

He is understandably most concerned with how Obama is going to help the working class, like those in his own hometown.

I would love for President Obama to visit my hometown of Parma, Ohio, and spend time behind the counter at my father's Mr. Hero. Aside from eating the best sandwiches in all of Ohio, the president can talk to real Americans who work hard every day.[5]

Even though he gives off the confident, tough-guy persona, the Miz has a soft side too. He works with STAR, an anti-bullying organization affiliated with World Wrestling Entertainment. He says he was bullied too, so he knows how it feels. Apparently his fellow wrestlers at WWE weren't very impressed with the Miz.

I got kicked out of the locker rooms, so I couldn't find a place to change or shower. . . It's kind of belittling and humiliating. But it's one of those things that made me stronger and made me realise I could take everything that anyone dishes.[6]

Now that the Miz has a championship under his belt–or more specifically, on his belt–maybe the guys will give him a break in the locker room. Regardless, it should put him in a good position to do some good with America's youth.

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