Kate Beckinsale

The Religion and Political Views of Kate Beckinsale



She doesn't talk about religion, but is maybe vaguely Christian.

Political Views

She's liberal, and very interested in women's reproductive rights.


Kate Beckinsale was born and raised in London, England.

The closest thing this actress has to a religion is yoga,[1] but there's not even any evidence that she meditates with her routines, so she probably doesn't consider her exercise regimen a spiritual experience.

She celebrates Christmas, but considering her daughter "almost ruined" it one year by not wanting any presents indicates that celebrating the birth of Jesus isn't her first priority.[2]

So I think we can put Beckinsale solidly in the non-religious category for now.

About politics, she's more direct. Beckinsale is loudly liberal. And she apparently doesn't even understand how anyone could be Republican. The British actress now resides in Los Angeles, and has a lot more to say about American politics than those of her home country. About the American election cycle in 2008 she said,

I was so shocked to see people admitting to being Republican on their front lawn![3]

Republicans, Get In Kate Beckinsale's Vagina!

Four years later she joined with two other prominent actresses in a video called "Republicans, Get In My Vagina!" on the website Funny or Die. The crudely satirical commercial criticizes Republican attempts to restrict women's access to birth control and to make vaginal ultrasounds a pre-abortion requirement. The skit also comments on what the filmmakers view as theabsurdity of old white men making decisions about women's reproductive health. Beckinsale, playing the corporate working woman, says in the video,

Being a woman means having a vagina, but it doesn't mean we want to have control of it. . . . Don't you want someone like your dad in your vagina? I do.[4]

She's supported other causes like the Rape Foundation, which provides support for victims of sexual assault, Habitat for Humanity, and children's literacy programs.[5] She seems to have a wide array of interests, but her interest in women's reproductive rights is what's garnered her the most attention, and earned her a big fat liberal tag at the Hollowverse.

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