Lucy Pinder

The Religion and Political Views of Lucy Pinder



Lucy Pinder is non-religious.

Political Views

She's a dedicated Conservative.


Lucy Pinder was born in Winchester, England and raised in Bournemouth, England.

Despite the fact that some fans are pretty sure looking at pictures of Pinder bring them a little closer to heaven,[1] there's no evidence that she believes in heaven or angels or the Bible or God. But then, there's no evidence to say she doesn't. There's just nothing. Maybe reporters are too busy asking about her bra size to get into religion.

She did show her Christmas spirit by modeling a, um, very flattering Santa suit. But, let's just say that after she took it off, it didn't exactly give off the impression that she was there to celebrate Jesus' birthday.[2]

So we're going to have to go with non-religious for now. Know any different? Let us know in the comments.

Tory Bird

Even if her Christmas outfit can't be described as conservative, her politics definitely are. She wants to move to a 12% flat tax[3] and is suspicious of the welfare state. She says she's not completely against state-sponsored benefits, but thinks people take advantage of them:

I'm sick of people creaming off the state. There are too many workshy people who have a kid instead of getting a job, just so they can get a house and money. . . . But lazy people take advantage. . . . It's their choice to have loads of kids–so why should I give them money? It was my choice to have cats, but I don't ask for benefits for them.[4]

As far as party politics go, she calls herself a "Tory bird" and says she hopes her interest in politics can make it sexier to younger generations. And the Conservatives seem to think that's a great idea–they've embraced the model by inviting her to special party functions.[5]

Surprised that she's a dedicated Conservative? You're not the only one. But Pinder isn't having it. She says, considering how deeply politics affect all our lives, everyone should get involved:

People are often surprised that I am interested in politics. But the reality is that politics affect everyone and we should all try to understand what's going on.[6]

Maybe with a little bit of help from this buxom brunette, a few more people will.

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